Development and production of veterinary antibiotics
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Active substances:
Alimentary glucose is used to treat:

animal dehydration;

used to strengthen the body;

to improve the nutritional properties of feed;

and also to saturate the body's cells with energy. 
Glucose-99.0% (dextrose monohydrate)
Glucose 99.0% (dextrose monohydrate)

The product is available in the form of loose food powder of white color, without a specific odor and with a sweet taste. Dissolves in water 1:1.5.

Glucose is a type of easily digestible sugar with good absorption in blood. Excess glucose transforms in glycogen and passes to the muscles and liver of the animal. The breakdown of a substance in the body contributes to the generation of energy, the health of tissues and muscles, and to the release of heat. Intravenous use of 10-40% glucose improves the osmotic pressure in the blood, increases the outflow of fluid from tissues to the blood, helps to increase metabolism, improves the contraction of the heart muscle, increases the antitoxic properties of the liver, diuresis and promotes vasodilation.
in the confectionery industry for manufacture of soft candies, dessert chocolates and cakes, and various dietary products;

in baking, glucose improves fermentation conditions, gives porosity and good taste to products, slows down hardening;

in the production of ice cream, it lowers the freezing point, increases its hardness;

in the production of canned fruits, juices, liquors, wines, soft drinks, because glucose does not mask the aroma and taste;

in the dairy industry, for manufacture of dairy products and baby food, it is recommended to use glucose in a certain ratio with sucrose to give these products a higher nutritional value;

in veterinary medicine - at intoxication of the animal body and diseases of liver;

in poultry farming - prevents the development of putrefactive processes in the intestines of poultry (chick);

in pharmaceutical industry - for tableting with vitamins and other medicines.

alimentary glucose is used to treat colic and dehydration of animals, to strengthen the body, improve the nutritional properties of the feed, and to saturate the body's cells with energy. 
Glucose is used in various industries:
Permissible storage temperature from 5 °C to 25 °C.
Store in dark and dry area; avoid exposure to direct sunlight and moisture.
Store separately from animal feed.
Keep away of children’s reach and prevent possible contact with human food.
Shelf life - 3 years.
I. Description
II. Application
III. Storage.
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Development and production of veterinary antibiotics
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